Batman & Phantasm by Bruce Timm

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You are what you choose to be.

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Love usually leads to trouble.

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Speakeasy - John Mulaney

Oh look, it’s my two favourite comedians talking to each other. Again, this is Speakeasy, the webshow where Paul F. Tompkins interviews Hollywood types over drinks. It is always funny and interesting, so go watch it already!

Seriously, this one has 29 views right now, and two of those are me.

fucking finally


Unnecessary Explosions.

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Today in Comics History: Scott Pilgrim finally dates a girl his own age

Panels from Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (October 2007); script, pencils, inks and letters by Bryan Lee O’Malley; colors by Nathan Fairbairn

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Now what? |Everybody shake. Enough to dislodge.

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