Super Hero Vector Designs - by ColourOnly85

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amy poehler rap queen

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DEADPOOL - “Oh, F***K Me” (High Quality) - Here’s that test footage that has been popping up all over since it leaked at comic-con, featuring Ryan Reynolds as The Merc With The Mouth - in crisp, clear video! Looks so much better! Watch now before it gets taken down.

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Scared Straight. You play the cop in this scene. At the end you would have to like hop onto the desk. You wouldn’t have to. I think, probably, in the early ones you just leaned against the desk. But, in this really nice way, you started hopping more and more intensely as you went as a way to make the other guys break.

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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

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You gotta be kidding me, I GOT BOXES FULL OF PEPE.

all-time moment of an all-time sitcom

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